D style

D is for Dominance

People with the DISC D style personality tend to place a strong emphasis on shaping the environment and overcoming opposition to accomplish results.

"The Winner"

D styles are motivated by winning, competition, and success. They prioritize taking action, accepting challenges, and achieving results and are often described as direct and demanding, strong-willed, driven, and determined. D styles tend to be outspoken, but can be rather skeptical and questioning of others.

  • Fears: being seen as vulnerable or being taken advantage of
  • Values: competency, action, concrete results, personal freedom, and challenges
  • Overuses: the need to win, resulting in win/lose situations
  • Influences others by: assertiveness, insistence, competition
  • In conflict: speaks up about problems; looks to even the score
  • Could improve effectiveness through: patience, empathy

DISC Classic patterns: Developer, Result-Oriented, Inspirational,  Creative


D style goals

D styles tend to have goals such as these:

  • strive for unique accomplishments
  • explore new opportunities
  • maintain control of the audience
  • achieve independence
  • get bottom-line results

D style challenge

D styles may need to expend more energy to:

  • show patience
  • display sensitivity
  • explain the details
  • allow for deliberation

D style in leadership

D-style leaders are often commanding and confident, taking care and focusing on results. 

They often display leadership characteristics such as these:

  • commanding
  • resolute
  • pioneering