Commit, Invest, Trust, Do & Repeat

Paul was introduced into ‘Revo’ at a really crucial time of self-reflection, self-realisation and growth, both for the business and me personally.

He loves the phrase ‘Chaos to Calm’, but that’s exactly what he does.

We have found large production months to be in control, our orders are going out on time and our clients are happy, a completely different attitude and approach to previous years.

With the culture we had already created, Paul could utilise this to build an amazing leadership strategy, communication process and break down some of the most complex areas of our business into easy to manage small tasks.

We have seen tangible benefits of improved quality, reduced processing time and increased capacity enabling growth. We have also found Increased engagement and communication through daily management structures resulting in daily improvement

As much as Paul is loving working with us, he is setting us up so that we can continue this journey confidently on our own.

I am extremely glad we went down this path to work with Paul, his commitment, advice has been very personal, I am really enjoying this experience.

Leon Wilson
Passionate Print Geek, Director of Revolution Print Australia

We have worked with Paul for over a year now. We had followed his content for a number of years before working together. He is punctual, supportive and even thinks about us on weekends by sharing knowledge and snippets of information. Although we initially wanted to focus on lean concepts such as 5S and process improvements Paul has coached us that the most important thing in an organisation is the people component.

Paul constantly encourages us to improve ourselves as well as the business. Personally he has driven me to become a better, balanced and empowering leader which is a work in progress. Paul is an extension and an integral part of our organisation and the rest of the team really appreciate his leadership, education and support. The only thing we should have done differently is to engage his services earlier than we did.

Jason Xuereb
CEO & Co-founder – Mediapoint Pty Ltd

Paul has been a key part of the Timbers Divisions transformation in recent years to become a market leading supplier of Engineered Wood Products into the Construction market.

Along the journey our team has developed both personally and professionally through their participation in Paul’s lean program which has delivered a valued and lasting legacy for our business as we strive to continuously improve service to our customers, product development and production in our business.

Since commencing some of the realised benefits include a doubling of our production capacity, reduced labour requirements and lower stock and inventory holdings against increased customer demand for our products pivoting our business to be ready for growth.

I would thoroughly recommend Paul’s services to any business seeking to deliver lasting benefits to its workforce and financial profitability through the identification and reduction of waste across its operations.

Mark Umanski
Timber Divisional Manager – Merriwa Industries

Paul has been engaged by AusReo over the past 18 months to deliver training for a certified program. The training delivered has provided opportunities within our leadership team and he has used techniques that have allowed our leaders to gain confidence and skills.

Paul has a mastery of lean principles and methodology and is able to convey information in a clear and practical manner. Paul has been able to engage with all employees including those from non-english speaking backgrounds. Paul has assisted us in creating a work culture where employees have the skills and confidence to make a difference.

Paul's approach in the capacity of consultant, coach and mentor is professional, empathetic and without judgement. I have developed a close working relationship with Paul and highly recommend Paul to any organisation. I have personally enjoyed Paul's time with us over the last 18 months as we have shared some challenging times together.

Joe Vinci
Production Manager – Ausreo

Paul and I have been working together for many months on internal process changes and continuous improvement. Recently this has morphed into leadership coaching which has been really been valuable and insightful. As a newly promoted manager I wanted practical advice, to speak freely and receive honest feedback about my performance and role within the team and organisation. Paul has not only provided me with this but also tools. I do 'homework' thinking about my approach to situations and tasks. To help with this I get a fistful of resources from book recommendations to web links to well used resources that have been used in other businesses and with other leaders. It's helped me to lift my head out of the weeds, get my strategic brain into gear and more importantly to maintain the confidence that led me to apply for the job in the first place. Paul has made a big difference to me and I can't thank him enough.

Clare Cowdery
Manager - Building Planning and Compliance Rural City of Wangaratta

Trivantage Sheetmetal embarked on a major ‘continuous improvement’ project four years ago and when seeking an exciting new way to approach streamlining our business processes we found the ‘best in show’ talent and engaged Paul Dunlop. I have been fortunate to have worked alongside Paul over the last 4 years as he has assisted our business as we set upon this path of continuous improvement. Paul’s methodology of “Lean and 5S” was embraced by the entire sheetmetal team - its simplistic approach to all types of function and process’s made it as easy as possible to roll out, benefit from and sustain. We as business worked hard with Paul in the implementation of the processes and have seen and benefited from the following outcomes:

  • Clean, safe and organized working environment that all are proud to be part of.
  • Harmony and understanding throughout the company structure.
  • Improved staff attendance - as people have a more rewarding environment.
  • Superior product throughput and reduced error rate.
  • Greater customer satisfaction with “just in time” deliveries.
  • All-important increased margins which make our business more competitive as the client is no longer paying for inefficiencies.

I would like to acknowledge Paul for all the great work he has engaged in for our business. Well done Paul, thank you.

Damian Thomas
Operations Manager - Trivantage

Dunlop Consultants have been engaged by our organisation to facilitate improvement activity of our manufacturing unit by coaching and mentoring frontline and middle managers in lean manufacturing fundamentals. Over a relatively short period of time, activities have produced real outcomes for our business both to the bottom line and to the cultural development of our company. We have seen a significant shift in the mindset of staff where the key messages of productivity, quality, waste management and problem solving are embraced. The success is due to Paul Dunlop’s ability to understand and work within the framework of the organisational values and in building a good rapport with management, supervisors and production teams. Paul has engaged with staff at all levels of the organisation quickly and is considered part of our team. Paul Dunlop’s insights and skills are hugely beneficial to me and my team and we look forward to working with him as we continue our journey of continuous improvement and a productive work culture.

Sandra Ciantar
Operations Manager – Marathon Foods

Paul has been instrumental in the changes taking place at Steel Frame Solutions. Our learning isn't quite finished but the training has opened the door for considerable improvement in our workplace. Team members are beginning the journey of changing the workplace culture. Engagement by employees has increased with new ideas coming forward from even the quietest of personnel. Contribution to the morning meetings is on the increase. The guys have taken ownership of the project work and the changes within the workplace are quite noticeable. 5S has played a big part in getting our guys working together to have everything organised and in its place. The process of change has begun and still has a long way to go, but we are on the right path with the guidance of Paul.

Joy O'Brien
Safety, Quality and Production Support Coordinator – Steelframe Solutions

Paul’s support through guidance and coaching on improvement methods, structure, strategy, accountability and engagement was integral to my success commencing a new role. I often found that Paul could cut through the noise and always stay on point. Paul’s knowledge of what he spoke about always come through in depth and practicality. Paul constantly pointed me to different resources that he had knowledge of, he was always current and was willing to change if there was a more practical way of doing something. The changes that he guided the business and myself through could not have been delivered without his professionalism and perseverance.

Mark Currie
Chief Executive Officer – Community Accessability

Paul has been working with our kitchen design and manufacturing company for a little over 12 months. Paul was initially engaged to assist the business in implementing lean within our production department and operations. Whilst Paul has been working with us the original scope has been flexible and ranged from assisting with resourcing structures, coaching and mentoring managers along with developing leaders and most recently working with our sales team to refine sales processes.

Training workshops have been tailored specific to need and the sessions have been dynamic and insightful.

Paul’s approach has been to create structure by implementing daily communication ensuring that the key performance metrics and objectives are clear providing a basis for problem solving and improvement activity. Through Paul’s work with us we have seen improvement across the board through utilising Lean tools such as Visual management, Standardised work, 5S and Improvement Kata. These tools have not only improved daily performance but have developed team and individual capability resulting in a changed mindset and culture.

Clint Smith
Owner – Advanced Cabinetry

Paul has assisted me on several occasions in the area of training and education of personnel in Lean Business methods and associated tools. In all instances, Paul is the utmost professional; able to deliver content to both floor operation and executive management teams with positive outcomes. I would thoroughly recommend Paul for not only skill-based training but effective cultural change through education of personnel and empowerment.

Nicholas Jolley
Operations Manager – Ferndale Confectionary