About Paul

Paul Dunlop // Principal Consultant

Paul brings with him over 20 years of management and manufacturing experience across a broad range of industries. In his operational management roles Paul has led successful Lean implementation and transformations using the principles of the Toyota Production System and is green belt certified. Paul’s passion for operational excellence using Lean tools and methodology has helped drive sustained continuous improvement and financial performance at many businesses.

Paul’s expertise in training and facilitation methods enables engagement and effective knowledge transfer at all levels of the organisation. Paul’s ability to identify with and form effective and lasting relationships with all stakeholders is a hallmark of his approach. Paul believes this is critical in the modern workplace as we strive to align and include our teams around a set of shared strategic objectives and a clearly defined methodology.

Paul’s human centred approach focuses on engaging the ongoing support and commitment of both frontline staff and senior management through effective Lean leadership to facilitate engagement and inclusive problem-solving cultures.

Paul’s experience of having walked in the shoes of the people he now coaches provides invaluable insights into the challenges that organisations and leaders face. This enables Paul to tailor an approach that addresses both the general and specific needs of businesses while having empathy and understanding for all stakeholders.

Paul’s focus on building local capability and structures for the long term facilitates a growth mindset and a culture of innovation which consistently delivers significant business improvement.